Your Co-Hosts, Scott and Kailyn

The Driving the Cbus podcast co-hosts, Scott McComb, CEO of Heartland Bank and Kailyn Bucklew (McComb), a third-generation community banker, offer two different perspectives as they sit down and get real with local business owners.

From well-established companies to startups, small businesses are the heart and soul of Columbus.

Keep listening to find out how it all began, what keeps them up at night – the current struggles they face, and what successes they are most proud of with some entertaining stories along the way.


Meet Co-Host, Scott McComb!

Scott McComb Driving the Cbus podcast

Scott McComb is the Chairman, President and CEO of Heartland Bank. Scott commits a portion of his time to co-hosting Heartland Bank’s Driving the Cbus to maintain his commitment to spreading the “wealth” – and by wealth we wish he meant the actual green stuff – but he really just loves to share his financial knowledge and the business acumen of local professionals.

During his out-of-office hours, he recently achieved his Bareboat Sailing Certification that allows him to skipper 60 ft. sailing catamarans.

As a graduate of The Ohio State University, Scott is deeply entwined in the community, but realizes that as the bank grows, his influence and reach should grow too. What better way to do that than with a podcast!

Meet Co-Host, Kailyn Bucklew (McComb)!

Kailyn McComb Driving the Cbus podcast

As the initial creator of Heartland Bank’s Driving the Cbus, Kailyn Bucklew (McComb) remains actively involved in the development and continuation of the series.

She is a co-host with her father, Scott, in addition to her duties in the Commercial Banking division. After graduating from The Ohio State University and beginning her career at Heartland,

Kailyn started her “life.” This includes her fiancé, who also is a Heartland associate, a farm with many animals, and a garden that she plants from her greenhouse seedlings.

In her spare time, you just might catch her listening to legal commentary or offering eggs to friends at the bank.