Jessica McNamee, Heartland Bank Financial Planning – Financial Planning During COVID-19

In this episode we talk with Jessica McNamee, Director of Financial Planning.

How should investors react to the stock market during this COVID-19 pandemic?  Jessica encourages investors to address “risk” vs “uncertainty.”  This is why you should plan.

She stresses, stay calm, and don’t make rash financial decisions. Take an assessment of your reserves and cash money. And, if you can take the long term perspective, keep putting into your 401K.

Should you look at changing your 401K allocation? It’s a personal assessment of risk tolerance.

Do your best not to sell right now, if you are comfortable to ride out this current financial situation.  You can be better prepared by talking to a professional financial advisor.  Plus, target having different “buckets of money” to that will give you flexibility.

What makes the stock market rise and fall?  What are the factors?  Can we compare today’s market fluctuations to the Great Recession in the early 2000’s? Jessica explains the fluctuation reasons, and compares and contrasts today to The Great Recession.


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